Ayrshire Petsitters - "We care when you're not there"
It's a dog's lifeAll snuggled inWhat a sookYou have to go to the beach on your holidays!Are you tired Bruce?
Come and play BeaniePuppy loveYes - even chickensMali the siamese catBeanie and Fudge snuggle in together
2 too tired dogs!Gizmo the happy YorkieGizmo with his new best auntie!is it time for home now Sam?Zara's not letting go of her ball
Scotland's next rising star!And a well deserved rest after that match!Don't think this was meant to be a gameQuite at home!Milly snuggles on for a snooze
Buzz the beagleThat's more like it BuzzMilo and Jess check out the view from their holiday apartmentsAnyone for beach volleyball?Ok we'll just go for a walk then decide Milo and Jess
Cuddle timeThe fountain of love!Making friendsSaving the planet!Cuddles for Scotia
Group hugCaught on cameraBoys togetherPeek a boo OscarZara plays keepy up for fun
Time for a restWho's looking at you?!Help! There's a bee on my ball!Who said cheese?Croft the cutie
And stretch....Tug of war....and relax!Now that is a mouthful!Having a paddle
Strike a pose!Eco-llieBecky and her friend posing for the cameraWhere did they go?We're having a good holiday too mum and dd!
ZZZzzzzzzzzzWalks, sleeps, cuddles....I feel sorry for the teddy!Pretty please can I have a lickAnd a big stretch after dinner
Happy HoneyLook who came to stayEat.......................Play..................And be happy!!
Major surgeryWatch dog!!News houndBeach bums!!Happy dog!!
Doggy massageYes I can touch my nose with my tongue!!Helping in the gardenHappy Scottie dogsSiesta time
Did someone say cheese?Lab doing his lapsSnack timeMan's best friendEye on the ball
Time outSiesta time!!Poppy meet poppyBaywatch babeNice slevers!!
Going back to my roots!!Fern on her holidaysMucky pupBird watcherForget Team GB - Team Ayrshire Petsitters rules!!
And now for the TLC and physio sessionMmmmm......rabbitsDreaming..............Happy dogsGorgeous greyhound
Showing her true colours!!And relax!!Mad as a brush!Aaahhhh - that fresh country airTooo tired for.......
Alfie the cheeky chappyAnyone drop any crumbs??What a cutie!!I thught it was chicken for tea tonight not crispy duck!!He ain't heavy......
Sunny holidays for BenPlay time................Favourite friends...........And sunbathing...........Hit the road Jack...
....goes swimming in the lakePicture postcardAfter all that exertion it's time for a snoozeAll smilesPepsi is just exhausted.........
See what I mean - Paddy is tooDid someone say a photo shoot?Aahhh - got there in timeOur recipe for a happy holiday.......have a dip.....
...appreciate the scenery....---and loll about in the grass.Lovely autumn morning at Irvine beachSplish splash!In flight entertainment
Earning my keep!All chilled outWatch out....I'm comingI am hapeeeee!!Mmmm tasty dinner now time for a snooze
Poppy just chilling outWho's a cheeky boy?The return of Fergus!!...but he still needs his afternoon napPosing nicely
Two too tired boys!!Here's your slipper Auntie Ann...Bah humbug!!Just a-strolling down by the riverCheeky face
Sunset splashing at the beachDid someone say cheese??Just hanging about chillingWe love Eglinton ParkAll tired out
Go on, throw the ballJust chilling after a hard day playing in the field!!Betty and her palsBoxing Day - Loony DookShall we build a campfire?
I'll help as long as we can play with this ball laterI've got my blankie.....Free toy in the cereal box?!Lady and the tramp!!Big teddy bear
Bunta the hunterHappy boySlush puppyAlfie the Munro Bagger!Wee Olly the Westie pup
Let's go play in the snow....Too cuteDid someone mention a camera?!Too tired to play...or pose!Happy Holly - days
Happy Holly - daysHappy Holly - daysHappy Holly - daysTilly and her toysSnug as a bug
Poppy the pugEaster Egg huntCheeky faceI just love playing with sticks.........but hey this could be a challenge....
.....but I'll give it a good go!!!!Wee Alfie the Chihuahua........and his even wee-er sister BoSibling snugglesToby happy on his holidays..
Betty the WestieAyyy - this water is cooooldPleeaase can I have some more...Play with me then...It wasn't me....!!!
West Highland stand off!Telly addictsYikes.....Double trouble!I smell food!!
Sun worshipperDoggy dookMucky pupAnd Otis sure is happy!Having a paddle
Sun lounger!!Meet Milo..Milo on the move!And posing nicely for a holiday snapHappy puppy
Coco looking coolIt's a hard life being on holidayIt's summer - lets BBQ!Eeek - I think it's a monsterPlay time
Let's have a drinkOops Finn, I think you've had too much!Oh we do like to be beside the sea sideExcursions are optional with Ayrshire Petsitters but they are fun!Bonnie Bonnie
It's so stressful being on holidayCheeky chappy!Sun worshippersCooling offPartners in crime
Princess BonnieCome on in!Treat timeAnd not to be left out Amy has a chew too!Fer-grass sprinkler?
Just chilling in the shadeCheeky CharlieBright eyes!!Cooling offWhere's my snack?
Mmmmm - big stick!!Hide and seek?Ha ha - found you!It's been a hard day's nightSnuggled and ready for bed
Who needs toys....Out for walkiesTime for a snoozeHappy in the sunshineDid someone say biscuit?
Princess MillieAnd now not quite so elegant Millie!Meet Bentley.....and at work.........waiting for the BBQ to be ready.....
...raking for the BBQ leftovers......and after a busy day just watching some tellyHappy labIf you go down to the woods today.....Oh go on....please can I?!!
Wee cutie MayaCome and play MayaBeach babeHandsome houndThe return of Fergus
And a bromance in the makingTeam work!!Water babyHappy holidaysBruno's adventure holiday...
...been playing in the water....rock climbing....----log rolling ----...enjoying the scenery.....and after all that a well deserved sleep!! It;s a hard life!!!
Flying dogs!!OH NO!!!!!PHEW - Ozzy is fine!!Smiley Scottie...having a paddle at the beach....
.....checking out the view from her holiday accommodation.........meeting new friends...........and playing with old favourite friends!All smiles!Just chilling
Beach babyLet sleeping dogs lie!!Splish splashFun in the sunHow do you do? Nice to meet you!
Must...hide....boneAny room up there for another small one?!!Cute wee Winston loves his toysWinston on his tippy toes..Looking a bit windswept Winston!!
Here comes Leo....And fun on the beach...And chilling in the doggy day roomChester the cheery chocolate Labrador!Cooling off in the river....
....oh no - is that a shark??!!....phew - saved my stick from the shark!All dressed up...Scaredy FergusOh ok then - just a toe!!
And the winner of the longest tongue competiton is.......?Happy holidays again!!!The travels and tales of Tilly the border terrierLots of play timeAnd reelaxxxx!!
This is happy SamPlay time for Sam and DashYikes - Sam has grown antlers!!!Go on .......guess my name.....Holiday walks in the sun
And at the beachBig comfy bed for a wee dog!!Amy and Dean enjoying the sunshineSibling snugglesWho's looking at you dude?
Too tired to eat our bones!!Hey - where's my deck chair?!Honest - I am a lap dog Hannah!!!Best buddiesHappy Hudson!!
Awww - all tucked in for bedMorning play timeKisses!!Dash dashing....Cavalier Cuddles
It's mine!!!!And so is this one!!Bed time for a beagle!!Wee wet Westies
K9 emailTug o' WarOut in the snowAwww - where did all the snow go?!!To swim or not to swim??!!
Chuck the boxer wins the longest tongue competition!!Are you dancing - asks JeffStop tickling me!!!!Happy, handsome GSDGo on....throw it again
In the absence of a willing tennis ball, a stick will always do!!Mason and Murphy - do you guys own a furniture shop??!!Cavapoo cuteness!!Play time for SilkieUh oh!!
It's a hard life being on holidayHungry catsLuscious lips Lexi!!Ozzy enjoying the Scottish sceneryArghh-brakes!! It's a doggy pile up
...waiting in turn for a shot at the stick........flying........but most importantly - HAPPY HOUNDS!!!Happy MaxMax takes 5
Beach bumsWho needs a toy....New botanical discovery - a cat plant!Frank the pug after a walk
....getting sleepier.........and we're gone!!Stunning setter - and setting!Milo and his new pal JeffJeff continues the challenge of the longest tongue competition with Milo!!
Loopy labradorAnd the doggy spa is almost open for businessThirsty work filling this spa poolOur friend FergusCome on - keep up!!
Are you sure my lunch is in here??!!The hills are alive.....Busy day Fergie boy??!!Wee Amy back on her holidays....... with wee brother Dean
....and a visit from big pal JeffLittle and LargeBest of friendsHoney back for her holidaysEnjoying a riverside stroll
Wee PoppyPippa enjoying the sunshine in KilmarnockHappy holidays Mason!!Mason and best buddy JeffWhat do you mean I'm not supposed to be on the couch??!!
Lovely LexiLooks like Sasha has had too much wine!!Peek a boo!Poised for action......Yay - I caught it!!
Haggis on holidayI'm the king of the world!!!!There's not enough rain.....Bella BellaCheck out my moves!!
Bella at her happiest....Wee Robbie back for his holsLook in to my eyes.....Baillie happiest in action!!Millie happiest getting cuddles!!
Braw Baillie boy!!Miss MillieGorgeous Golden Girl!!
Big Bentley BoyBig smiley face!!Bentley and Jeff...Tug of war!!Oh Bentley - those slevers!!!!
Lucy has her first Ayrshire Petsitters holidayShe had lots of playtime in the gardenSaw the beach in the sunshine!!Attacked Basil BrushWhat an exhausting holiday!!
Coco the gorgeous Australian labradoodleTime for kick off guys.......or the duck gets it!!!Awww no - it's not time for home already? I'm having too much fun!!Dax the beagle having fun on his holidays
Got to hide this bone from the humans!!Wrestling buddiesMeeting new friendsBeen a busy day - time for bed!!!Corey the Westie/Bichon cross happy on his first holiday
Corey exploring - Indiana Jones styleElgar "Shaggy dog" ready to playThere's life in the old dog yet!!But time to recharge the batteries!!Bouncer and Jake enjoying their first Ayrshire Petsitters holiday
Who me? I wasn't playing. Honest!!Bouncer and Jake meet Denis the cockatiel - hours of amusement!!Wee cutie TylerSnow trampolining - a new Olympic sport invented by TylerWho could resist giving this wee one a cuddle?
Who ate all the sweeties???!!!Flying dogA nice day for the beach Bailey?Another contender for the longest tongue competitionBubba all ready for a day at the beach
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